From the narrow to the broad. Multiple perspectives on language evolution

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dc.contributor.author Wacewicz, Sławomir
dc.contributor.author Żywiczyński, Przemysław
dc.date.accessioned 2015-04-09T12:43:13Z
dc.date.available 2015-04-09T12:43:13Z
dc.date.issued 2015-01-31
dc.identifier.citation Theoria et Historia Scientiarum, Vol. 11, pp. 5-18
dc.identifier.issn 0867-4159
dc.identifier.other doi:10.12775/ths-2014-001
dc.identifier.uri http://repozytorium.umk.pl/handle/item/2650
dc.description.abstract Although many of the recent controversies in the field of language evolution research are empirical, the deepest divides seem to remain theoretical in nature. Specifically, defining language in incompatible ways has led to radically different views on language evolution as a programme, including evaluation of its current success and future progress. Despite recent manifestos from the “narrow” camp (Hauser et al. 2014; Bolhuis et al. 2014), who along the lines of Hauser, Chomsky and Fitch (2002) equates language with the syntactic processor, the rival approach seems to be gaining momentum. It embodies a move in exactly the opposite direction, by understanding language broadly and assuming an inclusive perspective on its origins, which results in ongoing expansion of the field of language evolution. New areas of academic reflection (such as normativity) are being brought to bear, new areas of linguistics are being included (such as pragmatics or linguistic politeness); and, interestingly, existing linguistic methods are now being used to inform animal communication studies.
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dc.subject language evolution
dc.subject evolution of language
dc.subject faculty of language
dc.subject FLN, FLB
dc.subject biolinguistics
dc.subject biosemiotics
dc.title From the narrow to the broad. Multiple perspectives on language evolution
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