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Recent Submissions

  • Żywiczyński, Przemysław; Wacewicz, Sławomir (Peter Lang Publishing, 2019-08)
    Why is language unique? How did language come about? When did this happen? Those questions, although quite emblematic of the Western intellectual tradition since its ancient beginnings, so far have not found satisfying ...
  • Wacewicz, Sławomir (Peter Lang Publishing, 2015)
    The study of language becomes particularly attractive when it is not practised as an isolated descriptive enterprise, but when it has wide-ranging implications for the study of the human mind. Such is the spirit of this ...
  • Adornetti, Ines; Ferretti, Francesco; Chiera, Alessandra; Wacewicz, Sławomir; Żywiczyński, Przemysław; Deriu, Valentina; Marini, Andrea; Magni, Rita; Casula, Laura; Vicari, Stefano; Valeri, Giovanni (Frontiers, 2019-06-18)
    Impairments of motor representation of actions have been reported as a core component of autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Individuals with ASD have difficulties in a number of functions such as assuming anticipatory postures, ...
  • Danel, Dariusz; Wacewicz, Sławomir; Lewandowski, Zdzisław; Żywiczyński, Przemysław; Perea-Garcia, Juan Olvido (Springer, 2018-10)
    Understanding the adaptive function of the unique morphology of the human eye, in particular its overexposed white sclera, may have profound implications for the fields of evolutionary behavioural science, and specifically ...
  • Rzepnikowska, Iwona (Федеральное государственное бюджетное учреждение культуры "Государственный Российский Дом народного творчества имени В.Д. Поленова", 2019)
    This article analyzes the composition and literary and folk origins of the wellknown international folktale type ATU 510B, “Donkey Skin”, whose plot concerns a father’s plan to marry his daughter. The girl is terrified at ...

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