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  • Sikorska, Hanna; Kucharczuk, Magda; Juraszek, Karolina; Wyżgowski, Przemysław; Leksowski, Krzysztof (2019-08-02)
    Nowadays obesity is one of the biggest worldwide problem. The predominant factor that may result in obesity is an excesive amount of energy and low physical activity. At the present time there are two overwhelming methods ...
  • Mierzwa, Grażyna; Knapik, Karol (2016-12-30)
    Physical activity strengthens the musculoskeletal system, prevents commonly known problems such as backache and degenerative changes of the spine. Enhancing muscle strength reduces their load in daily activities. The ...
  • Mierzwa, Grażyna; Gacka, Natalia (2016-12-30)
    Human health is not defined by the absence of diseases but as a general welfare of a person that allows life full of vigour, enthusiastic performance of daily duties, fulfilling dreams and coping with different environmental ...
  • Goljat, Martyna Anna; Niewiadomski, Paweł; Lazarek, Maciej; Flegiel, Ewelina; Graczykowska, Karolina; Denkiewicz, Michał; Rozmarynowicz, Ewa; Walczak, Magdalena; Cybulska, Marta; Husejko, Jakub; Kędziora-Kornatowska, Kornelia (2019-08-20)
    There are many confirmed risk factors for development of the colorectal cancer, which is one of the most common malignant tumor among both females and males. Moreover, it is a cause of significant percentage of all ...

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