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  • Żaroń, Agata; Piskunowicz, Małgorzata (2018-04-23)
    The aim of this article is to review current research on relationship between physical activity and chosen aspects of psychological status of elderly adults. Among many psychological aspects cognitive functions and anxiety ...
  • Siminska, Joanna; Pietkun, Katarzyna; Porzych, Piotr; Głowacka, Iwona; Nowacka, Krystyna; Banaszkiewicz, Małgorzata; Hagner, Wojciech (2016-05-06)
    I n t r o d u c t i o n. Adolescence is a very important period for young people as it is the time when the patterns of health behaviour stabilize and in such form may be adopted for the rest of one’s life. This age group ...
  • Mierzwa, Grażyna; Knapik, Karol (2016-12-30)
    Physical activity strengthens the musculoskeletal system, prevents commonly known problems such as backache and degenerative changes of the spine. Enhancing muscle strength reduces their load in daily activities. The ...
  • Rzepka, Alicja; Radziszewski, Krzysztof; Kędziora-Kornatowska, Kornelia; Hagner, Wojciech (2014-10-10)
    Background. The recent increase in the number of people over 60 forces the public opinion to take an interest in the problems of this group of people. One of those problems is physical activity, as it is one of the factors ...
  • Mierzwa, Grażyna; Gacka, Natalia (2016-12-30)
    Human health is not defined by the absence of diseases but as a general welfare of a person that allows life full of vigour, enthusiastic performance of daily duties, fulfilling dreams and coping with different environmental ...
  • Mikołajewska, Emilia; Augustyńska, Beata; Mikołajewski, Dariusz (2017-03-15)
    Wheelchair plays two important roles from the physical point of view: increased mobility and body support. Two main areas of children’ development: motor and cognitive are interrelated. Thus, wheelchair supported mobility ...

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