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  • Makowski, Michał; Drozdowski, Winicjusz; Witkowski, Marcin E.; Wojtowicz, Andrzej J.; Irmscher, Klaus; Schewski, Robert; Galazka, Zbigniew (2019)
    Measurements of pulse height spectra and scintillation time profiles performed on Czochralski-grown β-Ga2O3, β-Ga2O3:Ce, and β-Ga2O3:Ce,Si crystals are reported. The highest value of scintillation yield, 7040 ph/MeV, was ...
  • Targowski, Piotr; Kowalska, Magdalena; Sylwestrzak, Marcin; Iwanicka, Magdalena (2019-08-27)
    OCT was first time reported as a tool for examination of cultural heritage objects in 2004. It is mainly used for examination of subsurface structure of easel paintings (such as varnishes and glazes) but has also been ...
  • Iwanicka, Magdalena; Sylwestrzak, Marcin; Targowski, Piotr (Springer Nature, 2018)
    Optical coherence tomography is a fast, non-invasive technique of structural analysis utilising near-infrared radiation. Examples of using OCT, for obtaining cross-sectional images of objects of craftsmanship and an easel ...
  • Iwanicka, Magdalena; Lanterna, Giancarlo; Lalli, Carlo Galliano; Innocenti, Federica; Sylwestrzak, Marcin; Targowski, Piotr (Elsevier, 2016-03)
    This work presents the results of an application of optical coherence tomography (OCT) to examine a 13th century Byzantine reliquary of unparalleled artistic and historical value. The aim of this work, performed at the ...
  • Sokolov, Oleksandr; Mreła, Aleksandra; Józefowicz, Mateusz; Rydel, Krzysztof; Meszyński, Sebastian (2019-03-30)
    The article presents issues related to the positioning of mobile robots in a closed area. The method of positioning using photogrammetry methods based on the analysis of specially created unique square-shaped markers is ...

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