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  • Szymczak, Marian; Wolak, Paweł; Bartkiewicz, Anna; Aramowicz, Mirosława; Durjasz, Michał (EDP Sciences, 2020)
    Context. The excited states of OH masers detected in the environment of high-mass young stellar objects (HMYSOs) are important for improving our understanding of the physical conditions of these objects and also provide ...
  • Rajabi, F.; Houde, M.; Bartkiewicz, Anna; Olech, Mateusz; Szymczak, Marian; Wolak, Paweł (Royal Astronomical Society, 2019-01)
    We present new evidence for superradiance (SR) in the methanol 6.7 GHz spectral line for three different star-forming regions: S255IR-NIRS3, G24.329+0.144, and Cepheus A. Our analysis shows that some of the flux–density ...
  • Surcis, Gabriele; Vlemmings, Wouter; van Langevelde, Huib Jan; Hutawarakorn Kramer, Busaba; Bartkiewicz, Anna (EDP Sciences, 2019)
    Magnetohydrodynamical simulations show that the magnetic field can drive molecular outflows during the formation of massive protostars. The best probe to observationally measure both the morphology and the strength of this ...
  • Volvach, L. N.; Volvach, A. E.; Larinov, M. G.; MacLeod, G. C.; Wolak, Paweł; Olech, Mateusz; Kramer, B.; Menten, K.; Kraus, A.; Brand, J.; Zanicelli, A.; Poppi, S.; Rigini, S. (Astronomy Letters, 2019-06-25)
    —Powerful flares in Galactic kilomasers are closely associated with regions of intense star formation. They contribute to the elucidation of physical processes occurring in these structures. We have recorded a superpowerful ...
  • Volvach, L. N.; Volvach, A. E.; Larinov, M. G.; MacLeod, G. C.; van den Heever, S. P.; Wolak, P; Olech, Mateusz; Ipanov, A. V.; Ivanov, D. V.; Mikhailov, A.G.; Melnikov, A.E.; Menten, K.; Belloche, A.; Weiss, A.; Mazumdar, P.; Schuller, F. (Astronomy Reports, 2019-01-01)
    The results of long-term monitoring of the Galactic maser source IRAS 18316-0602 (G25.65+1.05) in the water-vapor line at frequency f = 22.235 GHz (6_16-5_23 transitioin) carried out on the 22-m Simeiz, 26-m HartRAO, and ...

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