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  • Balashov, Aleksandr A.; Wójtewicz, Szymon; Domysławska, Jolanta; Ciuryło, Roman; Lisak, Daniel; Bielska, Katarzyna (2024-02-28)
    We present the results of the spectral line-shape study of the first measurement of the extremely weak (7–0) band of the 12C16O molecule. Measurements were done with a highly sensitive cavity ring-down spectrometer. Collisional ...
  • Pelc, Marta; Dams, David; Ghosh, Abhishek; Kosik, Miriam; Muller, Marvin M.; Bryant, Garnett; Rockstuhl, Carsten; Ayuela, Andres; Słowik, Karolina (2024-02-06)
    This study addresses the challenge of modeling relaxation dynamics in quantum many-body systems, specifically focusing on electrons in graphene nanoflakes. While quantum many-body techniques effectively describe dynamics ...
  • Sulowska, Karolina; Roźniecka, Ewa; Niedziółka-Jönsson, Joanna; Maćkowski, Sebastian (2023-11-08)
    We developed a method of aligning silver nanowires in a microchannel and fixing them to glass substrates via appropriate functionalization. The attachment of nanowires to the substrate is robust with no variation of their ...
  • Szczygielski, Krzysztof (IOP Publishing Ltd, 2023-11-07)
    We propose and explore a notion of decomposably divisible (D-divisible) differentiable quantum evolution families on matrix algebras. This is achieved by replacing the complete positivity requirement, imposed on the ...
  • Silfies, Myles C.; Mehmood, Arshad; Kowzan, Grzegorz; Hohenstein, Edward G.; Levine, Benjamin G.; Allison, Thomas K. (AIP Publishing, 2023-09-08)
    Salicylideneaniline (SA) is an archetypal system for excited-state intramolecular proton transfer (ESIPT) in non-planar systems. Multiple channels for relaxation involving both the keto and enol forms have been proposed ...

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